Vedic Astrology is incomplete without “Yagya”. Yagya is a precise Vedic performance. Astrology gives the diagnosis of problems but does not solve it. When a Vedic astrologer does a consultation or calculates a “Muhurta” or a Compatibility analysis, he also recommends if necessary the Yagyas to avert any danger or to enhance the success of any undertaking. A Vedic astrologer can foresee in the birth chart when life will be under unfavorable influences and will recommend Yagyas to counteract these influences.

Diseases, accident, lack of success in professional life, disharmony in marriage or any other problems can be improved upon or avoided. A Yagya performed before the danger arises can help to effectively neutralize negative influences so that they do not reach the individual and life remains in tune with the laws of nature. Yagya is Vedic performance involved with primordial sounds performed by traditional Vedic Pandits (scholars) trained in this knowledge. The primordial sound creates harmonious vibrations around that person and thus helps to overcome the imbalances caused by the planets. These Yagyas are covering all areas of our lives.

Gemstone: It is an auspicious stone having the major influences of a particular planet. If it is found in your chart that a planet is in a position to give many good things but due to it’s own weakness it is not able to give the full results, then the specific gemstone for that planet is prescribed for strengthening it to receive all the positive influences.
Parashar Astrological and Yagya Centre has a tradition to celebrate the birth day of it’s clients with the performance of specific Vedic Yagya, most favorable for them. So if you are also interested in the performance of your birth day Yagya let us know latest by a day before your birth day.

Vastu (Vedic Architecture or Sthapatya Veda): Housing is one of the basic necessities of human being. Every one needs to have a roof over his head. But it is also very important to live in house which is built according to the principle of Sthapatya Veda. The proper Vastu of a house means the more liveliness of the laws of nature thus having better support of nature to every member of family for health, wealth, happiness and success in all area of life.
Sthapatya Veda provides the full knowledge of planning a house regardless of the time, place and environment etc. Parashar Astrological and Yagya Centre provides the Vastu consultation and remedies.
1. Building a new house, office and factory etc.
2. The rectification of old ones.
3. Yagya for Vastu Shanti.
4. Muhurta for Ground breaking/ Laying foundation stone.

Special Yagyas
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • Suitable Spouse
  • Getting Children
  • Good Married Life
  • Success
  • Removal of obstacles
  • General Happiness
  • Health (General)
  • Health (Special)
  • Wealth (General)
  • Wealth (Special)
  • Kal Sarp Dosha Shanti
  • Yagya for dissolving negativity (sin)
  • Distancing from bad company (habits)
  • Gayatri Yagya
  • Panchayatan Devata
  • Moola/ Gandanta/ Nakshatra Dosha Shanti
  • Magali Dosha (Kuja Dosha) Shanti
  • Vastu Shanti/ Griha Shanti
  • Birth Day Yagya
  • Happiness for all family
  • Family Yagya
  • Planetary Yagya
  • Many others Yagyas
*Note: There are Yagyas for the fulfillment of other desires also, which can be design and performed as per the requirement of the customers.