It’s a great joy to announce that the Parashar Astrological and Yagya Centre is organizing Yagyas for the interested people on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami the day of Maha Saraswati on 16th February 2021.
Maha Saraswati is the power of knowledge. The Yagyas performed on this day enliven the specific laws of nature, which bestows the enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and good memory in the life of individuals.

Yagyas can be requested to help accomplish the following purposes. 1- Fulfillment of desires:
2- Prosperity:
3- Knowledge and wisdom:
4- Improving memory:
5- Good education:
6- Successful school year:
7- Development and progress of children:
8- Developing intuition:
9- Fluent and intelligent speech:
10- To unfold one’s intelligence:
11- Sharp intellect:
12- Increasing learning ability:
13- Success in examination:
14- Removing ignorance:
15- Improved decision making ability:
16- Spiritual progress towards enlightenment:
17- General Happiness:
18- Removal of obstacles in new undertakings:
19- Good family life:
20- Wealth:
21- Removal of severe illnesses:
22- Perfect health:
23- Planetary Yagyas:
24-Many Others

Planetary Yagyas-
Note: There are Yagyas for the fulfillment of other desires also which can be design and performed as per the requirement of the customers.