Somavati Amavashya is a day of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. This aspect of Shiva signifies that after absolute darkness comes light, which means that absolute despair gives birth to extreme happiness and bliss. Somavati Amavashya falls only on the day of Monday. The darkness of Somavati Amavashya transcends in to a beautiful morning. Yagyas performed on this day help in fulfillment of life, for materialistic progress, for spiritual progress, Moksha, removal of sin, for more possibilities of having children, for culturing life, for prevention of diseases, for recovery from illness and better health. In this year, auspicious occasion of Somavati Amavashya is on 18th December 2017.

Some of the most suitable Yagyas to be performed on this special day are given below:

  • Fulfillment of desires
  • Prosperity
  • General Happiness
  • Harmony and stability in married life
  • Good family life
  • To increase the possibility of finding a suitable spouse
  • Increasing possibility of having children
  • Removal of health problems
  • For maintaining good Health
  • Removal of obstacles
  • Kal-Sarp Dosha-Shanti
  • Pitri Shanti
  • Pitri Dosha Shanti
  • For getting Moksha for forefathers
  • Moksha for relatives or friends
  • Dissolving negativity/ sin
  • Success
  • Improving finances
  • Spiritual progress towards enlightenment
  • Happiness for all family
Planetary Yagyas- There are Yagyas for the fulfillment of other desires also which can be design and performed as per the requirement of the customers.