This is considered to be the day of Union. Yagyas performed on this day increases the ability to find a suitable spouse and live a harmonious and long lasting stable married life. Yagyas performed on this day also helps in achieving spiritual progress towards enlightenment for gaining more knowledge. Yagyas performed on this day also helps in getting more progress and prosperity.

The list of most favored Yagyas for the Day of Sita-Ram Vivah is as follows-
  • For improving possibility of finding suitable spouse
  • For the well being and longevity of the spouse
  • For increasing possibility of having Children
  • Good family life, better relationship between husband and wife
  • Harmony and stability in married life
  • Good relationships
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • General happiness
  • Good fortune
  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Spiritual progress
  • Others
Planetary Yagyas- However you can perform any Yagya you want including planetary during these days.