A very auspicious occasion of “Shri Krishna Janmashtami” (23rd August 2019) birth Day of Lord Krishna who represents the absolute value of life which is at the basis of creation beyond all relative activities and yet permeating every fibre of relative and every phase of action. On this day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami the presence of the eternal ever present value in Nature becomes lively in awareness. Yagyas performed on this “Day of Krishna” enliven the absolute value in our conscious awareness, thus bringing freedom from the boundaries and the bondage of the relative values and promoting spiritual progress in the direction of enlightenment.

The list of most preferred Yagyas are being attached as follow-
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • Spiritual progress
  • For Love and devotion
  • For bliss and happiness
  • Suitable Spouse
  • Getting Children
  • Good Married Life
  • Success
  • For removal of great Problems
  • Removal of obstacles
  • For freedom from Imprisonment
  • Support in court cases
  • Good fortune
  • Health (General)
  • Health (Special)
  • Wealth (General)
  • Wealth (Special)
  • For happiness of whole family
Planetary Yagya- Note: There are Yagyas for the fulfillment of other desires also which can be design and performed as per the requirement of the customers. You can choose any one or more Yagyas for you, for your relatives and for your friend. You are also requested to place your order at your earliest so that the Yagya program can be design by maintaining all its value and dignity.