This is about importance of Yagyas performed during the special period of “Adhimaas” (Jyeshtha- Purushottama Maas/ Malmaas/ Adhimaas) starting from 16th May to 13th June 2018. An Adhimas comes once in three years. This period is very suitable for the Yagyas done for Spiritual progress, Enlightenment, Gaining knowledge, for penance, meditation, for spiritual studies of spiritual literature, for Moksha etc. During this period more and better results can be expected relating to spiritual development and attainment of Moksha. This period is known for Lord Nrisingha/ Narsimha (incarnation of lord Vishnu) killed the Rakshasas king Hiranya Kashyap to remove the evil power and negativity and establishing the rule of Dharma again on the earth.

A list of Yagyas most favorable to be performed during this period is being attached for your information.

1- Spiritual progress:
2- Getting Moksha:
3- Enlightenment:
4- Removal of sins:
5- Pitri Shanti:
6- Promoting evolution in life:
7- Culturing of life:
7- Fulfillment of Desires:
9- General happiness:
10- Removal of obstacles:
11- Freedom from fear:
12- Removal of fear (from Enemy):
13- Support in court cases:
14- Harmony in married life:
15- Gaining Knowledge:
16- Courage and Self confidence:
17- Wealth:
18- Health:
19- To neutralize the “Kal Sarp Dosha”:
20- Planetary Yagyas:

Beside these special Yagyas planetary Yagyas can be also done or started on “Purushottamamas”