This yagya performance for the peace of the soul of your dear relatives (Parents, Grandparents, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband etc.) who have been passed away. Actually in the Vedic calendar there is a period of our fortnight in a year dedicated to such family members who have already passed away (dead). During this period Yagyas are performed for those late members of the family specially these Yagyas are more important for those people who have passed away recently like within the last four years (specially one year). However these Yagya can be performed every year during this special period of one fortnight known as “PITRI PAKSHA”. This year this period starts from 20th September to 6th October 2021.

The price for this Yagya for one person is as follow-
  • Pitri Yagya
  • For getting Moksha for forefathers
  • Moksha for relatives or friends
  • Peace of ancestor
  • For Pitri Shanti of all family
Yagya can be performed for every such member separately and also one big Yagya for many such members: Special offer for Yagya for more than one family member (husband and wife) is $1100.