The auspicious occasion of “Shardiya Nav Ratri” Nine Days of Mother Divine (7th Oct to 14th Oct 2021). In the Vedic tradition the Yagyas are performed as a regular routine of individual and public life. But there are special days on which specific laws of nature are more lively and accessible than usual.

The nine lunar days of Mother Divine awaken human awareness to the eternal continuum of infinite dynamism, which is the nature of Mother Divine. This infinite dynamism is the cause of creation and permeates every fibre of the relative world. The first eight lunar days are dedicated to the eight relative aspects of life, the five senses, mind, intellect and ego, and on each day the corresponding value of Mother Divine becomes more lively and accessible. The ninth lunar day brings to light the transcendental value, which underlies and connects all the eight values and which is the ground from where all the eight arise.

On these days specific impulses of Creative Intelligence are most lively. These impulses are those, which bestow wealth, prosperity, health, longevity, knowledge, intelligence, enlightenment and get fulfill other desires. Also lively during these “Nine Days of Mother Divine” are those impulses of Creative Intelligence, which are responsible for helping to remove all kinds of obstacles from the path of success and for helping to remove all kinds of fear, illnesses, and other negativity. By nourishing these specific Laws of Nature through Vedic Yagya performances, the all-pervading nature of Mother Divine gets enlivened, and one gains increased support of nature to help achieve the desires for individual life, family life, business corporations etc.

Following is the list of Yagyas most preferred during Mother Divine days-
  • Support of nature to get overall progress
  • Inner and outer fulfillment
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • General happiness
  • Culturing of life
  • Removal of obstacles in new undertakings
  • Removal of resistance
  • Freedom from obstacles
  • Removal of big trouble
  • Freedom from fear (Mentally)
  • Removal of fear (Enemy)
  • Support in court cases
  • Finding a good wife
  • Finding a good husband
  • Harmony in married life
  • Children
  • Good education
  • Clear intellect
  • Improvement of memory
  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Social recognition
  • Good fortune
  • Wealth
  • Wealth (Special)
  • Prosperity
  • Longevity
  • Recovery from illness (Special)
  • Improvement of health
  • Physical and mental energy
  • Peaceful sleep
  • Peace of mind
  • Safe, Comfortable, Successful journey and return
  • Yagya for dissolving negativity (sin)
  • S. No. 2, 3 and 5 Yagya are most preferable among above.
  • S. No. 1 Yagya should be done in combination with any other Yagya from s, no.3 to 31.
  • Yagyas from S. No.2 to 31 can be done as a single as well as in combination.
However you can perform any Yagya you want including planetary during these days. Planetary yagyas can also be performed on this day.

Nine Days of Mother Divine “Group Yagya” 7th Oct to 14th Oct 2021

On the auspicious occasion of nine days of Mother Divine (7th Oct to 14th Oct 2021) we are organizing a group Yagya performance for those people who cannot afford the Yagyas on individual level due to it’s being expensive. This Yagya will be performed with a common purpose i.e. for “HEALTH, WEALTH and REMOVAL OF OBSTACLES”.

In this performance of Yagya anybody can participate and contribute according to his/her financial condition and get the benefit of the Yagya in accordance. We will include the name (with the birth chart details) of every person in the “SANKALPA” for the above-mentioned purpose. The number of PANDITS who will perform the Yagya will depend on the number of people contribute in this performance.

The request for the above must be received to us latest by the morning of 7th Oct 2021. (6:30 AM Indian Standard Time). However the request for the individual’s Yagya can be received till 14th Oct 2021.

Note: – Minimum charges to participate in this group Yagya is USD 100/- per head. If someone wants to contribute more that is absolutely OK.