Moksha Ekadashi falls on the 11th Lunar day (Mokshada Ekadashi) of the fortnight of waxing moon in the Hindu/ vedic month of Margashirsha in November- December. This year it is being celebrated on 30th November. Yagyas performed on this day helps to be successful in spiritual life. The occasion of Moksha Ekadashi coincides with celebration of Gita Jayanti.

Gita Jayanti :- The Shrimad Bhagwat Gita contains the teachings of Lord Krishna which he gave to Pandava Prince Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. On this day Holy Bhagwat Gita is also. Worshipped and sermons read out. Yagyas performed on this day of Gita Jayant helps in making foundation strong for skills in action to achieve greater success and enlightenment in life.

The list of most favored Yagyas for the Day of Mokshada Ekadashi is as follows-
  • Spiritual progress towards enlightenment
  • Devotion to the spiritual Master
  • Gaining the blessings of the spiritual Master
  • Gaining spiritual knowledge
  • Spiritual and material fulfillment
  • Fullness of life
  • Removal of obstacles in spiritual progress
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • Success in education
  • Spiritual development of children
  • Clarity of mind and intellect
  • Bliss and happiness
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Good fortune
  • Life in tune with natural Law
  • Improvement of memory
  • Social recognition
  • Good fortune
  • Physical and mental energy
  • Improving Possibility of having children
  • Good health
  • Good health (special)
  • Getting Moksha
  • Many others Yagyas also
Planetary Yagya- Beside these special yagyas planetary yagyas can be also done or started on “Mokshada Ekadashi”.