The auspicious occasion of “Maha Shivaratri ” the day of lord Shiva (11th Feb 2021). The day of Shiva is specially effective in fulfilling those desires which are difficult to achieve whether for individual, family or group of people. Yagya performed on this day nourishes the specific laws of nature and enliven the support of nature to achieve the following purposes- This day is very auspicious for Kal Sarp Dosha Shanti Yagya.

1- Fulfillment of desires:
2- Prosperity:
3- General Happiness:
4- Harmony and stability in married life:
5- Good family life:
6- To increase the possibility of finding a suitable spouse:
7- Increasing possibility of having children:
8- Removal of health problems:
9- For maintaining good Health:
10- Removal of obstacles:
11- Removal of great problems:
12- Kal-Sarp Dosha-Shanti:
13- Success:
14- Improving finances:
15- Spiritual progress towards enlightenment:
16- Removal of obstacles in new undertakings:
17- Happiness for all family:

Planetary Yagyas- Planetary Yagyas can also be performed on this day.