One of the most auspicious period of Guru Purnima day of Divine Master just a fortnight ahead (16th July 19).

As you might be familiar with the importance of this day of Divine Master. Guru Purnima is the day of infinite correlation. It is a day of supreme knowledge. It is a day of Brahman; it is the day of Guru; Guru Purnima, the fullness of Guru Dev, the fullness of the element of Guru, the fullness of pure knowledge. Guru is the expression of Enlightenment, pure knowledge, the field of all possibility, the field of infinite correlation. In that supreme awakening, in that supreme awareness, in the state of supreme knowledge we have wholeness of life, absolute value of being, pure infinity, pure eternity, and pure immortality. Guru Purnima day is structured in pure knowledge. It comes year after year to bring the awakening of totality of life. It unfolds the full potential of knowledge and brings to fulfillment the master-disciple relationship. It’s the master-disciple relationship, and that expresses itself in its totality. Full potential of all possibilities. It is a very special day; it’s a very special day for us.

In the Jyotish (Astrology) spiritual master is represented by the planet Guru (Jupiter). Guru is the significator of spiritual progress, good fortune, wealth and prosperity, children, education and knowledge. This renders this day highly favorable for progress in all spiritual and material fields.

Yagyas performed on the Guru Purnima day deepen the relationship with the Guru – the Divine Master – in a profound way and help to achieve the following purposes:

  1. Spiritual progress towards enlightenment
  2. Devotion to the spiritual Master
  3. Gaining the blessings of the spiritual Master
  4. Gaining spiritual knowledge
  5. Spiritual and material fulfillment
  6. Fullness of life
  7. Removal of obstacles in spiritual progress
  8. Fulfillment of Desires
  9. Success in education
  10. Spiritual development of children
  11. Clarity of mind and intellect
  12. Bliss and happiness
  13. Wealth and prosperity
  14. Good fortune
  15. Life in tune with natural Law
  16. Improvement of memory
  17. Social recognition
  18. Good fortune
  19. Physical and mental energy
  20. Improving Possibility of having children
  21. Good health
  22. Good health (special)
  23. Many others Yagyas also
Planetary Yagya-
Beside these special yagyas planetary yagyas can be also done or started on “Guru Purnima”.

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima (16th July 19) we are organizing a group Yagya performance for those people who can not afford the Yagyas on individual level due to it’s being expensive. This Yagya will be performed with a common purpose i.e. for “HEALTH, WEALTH and REMOVAL OF OBSTACLES”.