You should clean Gems about 1 time a month, better during a Full Moon time in non-boiled fresh milk (better Organic one). You should put it into a glass with milk before go to sleep. In the morning, better before sunrise remove your gems from milk and wash it in fresh water. Note: If you have a ring or pendent with Coral, then it is better do not put pendent or ring for the whole night in milk, because Coral like a wood can be damaged. So you put it in milk early morning for about 1 hour or even less and after that you should clean Coral by fresh water.
After cleaning gems you should chant planetary Mantras (see above). If you have several gems in a pendent (or cleaned several gems), then you should chant for each gem/planet (Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Guru, etc.) appropriate mantra minimum 108 times Japa.
Gems stone of planets and wearing procedure
Rates of gems and Substitutes of gems
Natural Ruby
Golden Topaz

$400, natural/ real but not transparent
$400, very good clear & high quality
$450, very good clear & high quality
$350, very good clear & high quality
$350, very good clear & high quality
$400, very good clear & high quality
$400, very good clear & high quality
Gems Cleaning procedure:
  1. Information about gems and how to start gems wearing.
  2. You should start gems cleaning during evening time or at night.
  3. Put your pendent/ring/gem in non-boiled cow milk for the whole night.
  4. In the morning time clean your items in pure water. The best time is morning but it can be done any time in day.
  5. Then you should chant planetary (Graha) Mantras more than 108 times for each planet, or 5 x 108, or even better 11 x 108 times. Other mantras can be used. For small children parents can chant mantras.
Note: It’s better to use a special time (Muhurta) after sunrise additionally to the special date and weekday, but it should be calculated individually.

Weekdays for the Graphas (Planets) during waxing Moon (after new Moon):