With the start of rain the temperature will start falling and water level in the river will start rising. In India the start of rising of water level in the rivers is marked as Ganga Dashahara. So this is the significance of Ganga Dashahara in the normal life of Indian society for the ages.
In the Vedic calendar Ganga Dashahara is celebrated as the “Day of Ganga” (birthday of Ganga) and Ganga is known for its power of purification. Purity in mind, body, behavior and relationship is the basis for support of nature and makes it easy to accomplish one’s desires.
This year Ganga Dashahara is falling on 22nd June 2018. The next day to Ganga Dashahara i.e. 23rd June 2018 is also very auspicious and known as “Nirjala Ekadashi” (Day of Vishnu). The Yagya performed during these two days are of great significance as the purifying quality of the time nourishes the specific laws of nature through the Yagya performance.

Her is the list of most preferred Yagyas during these two days for your information:

1- Purity in life:
2- Knowledge and Social recognition:
3- Clarity of intellect:
4- Fulfillment of desires:
5- Success and progress:
6- Good fortune:
7- Wealth:
8- Improvement of health:
9- Health (Special):
10- Harmony:
12- Freedom from resistance:
13- Support in court cases:
14- Removal of obstacles:
15- Spiritual progress:
16- For happiness of whole family:
17- Planetary Yagyas:
18- Many Others Yagya:

Beside these special Yagyas planetary Yagyas can be also done or started on “GANGA DASHAHARA and Nirjala Ekadashi”

Note: In this year some people are celibrating Ganga Dashahara on 4th June also.