The most auspicious Day of Ganesha (birthday of lord Ganesha). Lord Ganesha is considered as the all mighty GOD for the removal of all kind of obstacles, hurdles and problems for all evolutionary activities. This year this auspicious day is falling on 2nd September 2019. Parashar Astrological and Yagya Centre is organizing the performance of different Yagyas on this occasion. Some of the most suitable Yagyas to be performed on this special day are given below.
  • Removal of Obstacles
  • Removal of great Problems
  • Success
  • Gaining knowledge and Intelligence
  • Increasing possibility of having Children
  • Removal of obstacles in new Undertakings
  • Good Education
  • Health
  • Health (special)
  • Improving Finances
  • Wealth
  • Wealth (special)
  • Court cases
  • Fulfillment of Desires
  • For happiness of whole family
Planetary Yagya- You can choose any one or more Yagyas for you, for your relatives and for your friend. You are also requested to place your order at your earliest so that the Yagya program can be design by maintaining all its value and dignity.