Bhadli Navami is falling on 21st July 2018. It is the day considered as the day of the year for solemnizing marriages, Sanskara, auspicious works, it is celebrated on the 9th day of Ashada Masa, Shukla Paksha. It is believed that 2 days after Bhadli Navami Lord Vishnu goes to sleep for a period of four months. It is generally believed that Lord Vishnu is the most powerful diety. On this day any auspicious work can be done without any need of Muhurta. This day itself is auspicious and considered as Muhurta day. On this day this day there is no need to select any special Muhurta time for engagement, marriage, new work, auspicious activities. This day is auspicious enough for good starts, good progress, good success and wellbeing in life. Bhadli Navami is being celebrated on 21st July 2018. Performance of Yagya on this day brings more positive energy and betterment in all walks of life.

Below mentioned Yagyas should be performed on this day-

1- Fulfillment of Desires:
2- General happiness:
3- Finding suitable spouse:
4- Harmony in married life:
5- Children:
6- Good education:
7- Gaining Knowledge:
8- Good fortune:
9- Wealth:
10- Prosperity:
11- Health:
12- Yagya for dissolving negativity (sin):
13- Removal of bad energy:
14- Gana Dosha Shanti:
15- Mangali Dosha Shanti:
16- Gana Dosha Shanti:
17- Bhakuta Dosha Shanti:
18- Nadi Dosha Shanti:
19- Planetary
20- Other Yagyas