The auspicious occasion of “Akshay Tritiya” (18th April 18). Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most important days in the Vedic Calendar. On this day, Surya, the Sun and Chandra, the Moon, are both exalted. They are the most prominent of all the nine Grahas (planets). This was the day when the ancient Rishis (sages) performed the first Yagya in the history of mankind. This event also marked the beginning of a time, when people lived happily in tune with the Laws of Nature.

The special quality of this day is expressed in the word “Akshay” which means ‘undecaying’ or ‘everlasting’. Yagyas performed on this day take advantage of this quality of time. By nourishing any specific Law of Nature through the performances of Yagya on this day, one gains increased support of Nature to help achieve the desires in a more lasting way.

Following is the list of Yagyas most preferred to be performed or start the performance on Akshaya Tritiya.

1. For happiness of whole family:
2. Improvement of Courage and Self confidence:
3. Physical and mental energy:
4. Improving will power:
5. Good relationships:
6. Harmony and stability in married life:
7. Getting Children:
8. Spiritual progress:
9. Upholding evolution in life:
10. Promoting evolution in life:
11. For lasting achievements:
12. Fulfillment of Desires:
13. Removal of fear (Enemy):
14. Freedom from obstacles:
15. Removal of big trouble:
16. Support in court cases:
17. Social recognition:
18. Good fortune:
19. Wealth:
20. Success:
21. Improvement of health:
22. Health (Special):
23. General happiness:
24. Good education:
25. Gaining Knowledge:
26. Vastu Shanti:
27. Moving into a new home, Positive influence for new home:
28. Laying foundation stone ground – breaking ceremony, positive influence for new home(Standard):
29. Planetary Yagya
30. Many others purposes also

Beside these special Yagyas planetary Yagyas can be also done or started on “Akshaya Tritiya”